About Us

Mission, vision, core values, and what we believe.


To show people Jesus in a practical way.


To reach the people in the Bootheel so that they may be Raised to Life through Christ and equipped to disciple the next generation.

Core values

REACH people.

GROW believers.

EQUIP disciples.

What we believe

We believe that God is the one true God, that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, and that God/Son/Holy Spirit is one. We believe that The Scriptures are the inspired words of God. We believe that man was created for good, but man made a choice and fell and incurred physical and spiritual death. We believe that there is hope to redeem man from this fall - Redemption is through the blood shed of Jesus Christ, man's willingness to humble himself and repent his sins. We believe in Divine Healing. We believe in sanctification (separation from that which is evil and dedicating ourselves to holiness). We believe in the second coming of Christ and the final judgement. Then, in keeping His promise, we believe there will be a "new heaven and earth, where righteousness dwells." And, finally, we believe that The Assembly Church is here to help reach the lost, build a body of believers, and evangelize to the world.